FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY: Our property TAXES are high enough already. With inflation and the cost of living ever increasing, we owe it to our community not to make the burden heavier with higher taxes. Poor spending decisions ultimately hurt students. I will make sure that STUDENTS come first, and that our community's FAMILIES have a good steward of their hard-earned tax dollars. Right now, our schools need improved facilities so that our children have working heat in the winter and are not walking through sewage to get to classes.

GOOD POLICY: As a school board director, I would put policies in place that would take politics out of the classroom and restore the focus on education. I would push for district polices that create a SAFE, AGENDA-FREE environment for students as well as teachers.

RESPONSIVE LEADERSHIP: My wife and I have two children in Dallastown schools, so your concerns are our concerns. Every decision I make, whether it's setting policy, choosing a superintendent, or overseeing the budget, will be focused on what is in the best interest of FAMILIES. The needs of our CHILDREN will ALWAYS come first, with their SAFETY and education at the heart of every decision.

RESPECTING FAMILIES: Your children are YOUR children. Parents have the RIGHT to KNOW what goes on in the classroom. I will put forward and support policies that protect the rights of parents and children.
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